Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Year!

I can't believe I let another year slip by. I'm still here, just not cranking. My sock machines still number four and the same half completed sock still dangles from my NZAK. However, my sock machines and I have moved into the now complete studio, that garage-turned-studio I talked about a year ago.

The sock machine corner with (Top, L to R) Legare 400, NZAK, Gearhart; (Bottom) Auto Knitter:

I have not cranked a sock in TWO YEARS! Will I remember how? At least I have all my notes, books, machines and tools together in one place. I hope it will be like riding a bike and all I have to do is just get back on it.

In gathering sock machine things from all over the house I found more sock yarn than even I could imagine, so many tools, books, newsletters, needles, carts "helpers" (things I bought over the years to help me knit socks on sock machines) and pleasant surprises.

The best surprise of all was the tote bag of completed socks waiting for toes to be Kitchenered. I transferred them to a basket to set by my chair for the right moment.

Today the best I could do was take pictures of the machines in their new place. I can't get back to cranking before next month. There is still some organizing to do, some hand knit projects and some weaving to get done before I fire up a CSM again. I leave you with close-ups of my circular sock machine family.

CSM #1 - Auto Knitter: 60/30

CSM #2 - Legare 400: 54/27 and 72/36

CSM #3 - Gearhart: 60/30, 72/36, 100/50:

CSM #4 - NZA: 60/30, 72/36, 60/30 compound

Which one is best? The one that is cranking out perfect socks at the moment. My favorite? The Legare 400 (CSM# 2 purchased on eBay, tweaked by Barry). It is a heavy workhorse that lets nothing stop it from making the perfect sock.
The Sock Lady


RenateS. said...

Hi there. I live in Baldwin and a few years ago I bought an antique sock knitting machine. I had used one as a child, but some 60 years later, I had absolutely no idea how to use it. And on top off it, the thing came in a hundred parts. I got VCR instruction tapes at the West Branch Fiber Festival, but the quality of the sound is so bad that I am unable to make out what is being said. So to make a long intro short, do you know of anyone that fixes such machines and can give a lesson or two on how to use them? I live in Lake County on the West Side of the State. Thanks so much.

Renate Speaks

Barbara said...

i AM SO, SO...well! I just don't know what to say! 4 sock machines! I went to the NZAK site and was just telling my husband how I had watched this woman put togeather the factory to make these sock machines. That was 10 years ago and look!

Now I must have one of these machines just to keep me and my hubby in hand mades. I hand make socks right now and am knitting one as I write this note.

My husband is fastenated by the machines and would get one just to examine it and see how it works. He is also fastenated with my Kromski Polonaise spinning wheel and wants to know how it works. This might just be what we can do together!

Barb R.
Shelton CT

Mrs. B. said...

I don't know if you are still updating this blog--but I thought that I would pass along the information that Gearheart circular sock knitter is being re-released in the US (this time as Erlbacher-Gearheart) with the first official "crank out" in early April.

Kind Regards,

Jessica Brigham