Sunday, February 10, 2008

Now You See Them . . .

. . . Soon you won't.

I'm working with my 80/40 setup on the NZAK. The yarns are Opal (denim) and Soxx (dark red). I'm getting 9 rounds to the inch. The second Opal sock had issues. I remove all the needles when making a heel on a ribbed sock. Something went haywire when I finished the heel and added back the instep needles. I put the instep needles in the wrong slots. What was I thinking?!!! I tried to salvage the sock. I really did. It went from bad to worse and I finally threw in the towel and cranked the whole mess off to start over.

The Soxx sock has size issues. For some reason the foot came out much longer than I planned. I've been procrastinating trying to decide whether to duplicate it and have a gigantic pair or rewind and start all over. I'd just like to get a pair of ribbed socks in the size I'm aiming for from the 80/40 setup before moving on. Starting over seems to be the thing to do because I made a slight adjustment to the NZAK forgetting that I had another red sock to make.
The pigtail came off my NZAK. That's the little coiled wire on the yarn carrier that the yarn is fed through. I jerry-rigged, in McGiver fashion, a bit of copper wire to hold the yarn down and guide it through the carrier. That's what I've been using. That is, until last Friday. In preparation for attending a MARS meeting, I finally cold welded (JB Weld) the pigtail back on so I could take my NZAK out in public in factory condition. As it turned out I couldn't attend the meeting (Real life got in the way.) and now my machine is just a hair different than when I made the first red sock. I will not even try getting a second sock to match. It has been my sock machine knitting experience that the least change on any machine makes a difference that I don't want to deal with.

I have not gotten my NZAK cranking out socks to my satisfaction. I have not been able to devote the time I need to jump over the learning curve I suppose. Using the 60/30 setup I made a few pairs of socks for myself that I was very happy with using KnitPicks Essential. I finally have some black socks! But not without some pain and suffering! It took a while to get used to the needle lifter (which I haven't even used yet) being there. It gets in my way. But at least I now know when that happens. I have a hard time with the heels. Once past the decreases, that first wrap starting the increases on each side is a doozie!

I was hoping to be an expert on the 60/30 compound by now. I have little socks to make! I've gotta get with it!!! Oh well, tomorrow is also a day.

The Sock Lady