Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Sock Lady Lives

It's been a year! Yes, I'm still alive. My sock machines still number four. My NZAK stands with last attempted sock half completed, still swinging from the cylinder.

It's been there a looooong time, the sock that is. I just moved the machine to the light this morning to take the picture. The other three are a little forward and to the right of it. The four machines reside in the room previously called "living" and then "studio" and now . . . I don't know what to call it. "Junk" would be good except the stuff is not junk to me. Maybe "junque," but never "junk." Actually the room and the foot of the L shape of it, which is (or would be) the dining area, are filled with boxes of the flotsam and jetsam of my many hobbies, construction debris and my play doll collection along with all the furniture of a living room and dining room. Are you getting the picture?

I am in the midst of an ongoing two-year-long house renovation/redecoration. Space is so tight I cannot set up a chair to sit at my sock machine. It all began with the kitchen renovation that began while I was in Frederick, MD, at the 2007 CSMSA Conference. Much of the old kitchen ended up in my supposed-to-be studio. The studio never recovered. I did order the NZAK during the confusion and had just barely enough space to set it up and play with it a few weeks before real life intruded (a long and sad story) and I dropped from the charts.

Right now I am waiting for the garage to be converted to my new "studio." I have visions of a beautiful new room with a big bow or picture window where the garage door is now and two walls of shelves from floor to ceiling and pocket doors leading into the foyer of the house--pocket doors so that wall can be utilized as well. Any day now the work will begin. In the meantime my hobbies other than hand knitting stand or lay in wait for space to be provided.
I missed the MD Sheep and Wool Festival in 2008 and a few MARS meets. I did go to Stitches East 2008 though. I'm trying to get back into the fray, take inventory of my sock yarn stash, put some socks or something in my Etsy shop. The Sock Lady is back.

The Sock Lady

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