Tuesday, December 4, 2007

People from MARS Meet

Hey! It's been a long time. This blog has been terribly neglected. That is not to say I have been neglecting my sock machines, well not all of them. I can't believe I allowed four months to slip by without a word.

In October the MidAtlantic Region Sockknitters (MARS) met at the charming farmhouse of Gregory Wollon in Havre de Grace, MD. It was quite a turnout. There were the usual suspects, a newbie or two and a guest or two. The weather was perfect for cranking out on the porch or inside in one of the many sitting rooms, nooks and crannies.

I took no machine with me. I was in a schmoozing and yarn shopping mood and knew that packing, unloading, toting and setting up a machine would be more trouble than it was worth. Furthermore, I expected to play on somebody's NZAK while there, and I did. Shirley, the Crazy Slipcover Lady, who is also aprilsosa, my favorite yarn pusher, had her new NZAK and I got a chance to set it up and crank a round or two. Mine was on its way, but hadn't arrived in time for the meet. Below is a picture of Shirley kneeling at the NZAK as Gregory sets it up.

As always the eats were great, the Beardies adorable, and the sheep, well, they were sheep. It was a great day and I went home invigorated by sock machine talk with old and new friends.

I'll leave you with a picture of a couple of Beardies napping in their crates . . . until I woke them up.

The Sock Lady

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